Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Vacation!

Clearly the ol' blog has been lacking in posts for, well, almost a month now! It's been CRAZY! Since my last post we've moved and the left for vacation in MI a week later. The house stuff has been absolutely exhausting, but that's not what this post is about! It's about our vacation!

The girls and I left on June 30th, my dear friend Julie accompanying us for the first week of our trip. We came to Grand Haven, MI to stay with my parents and enjoy Michigan's beautiful beaches and glorious summer weather!

We got here Tuesday night and my sister's family arrived very late on Thursday to spend the weekend with us. On Friday Julie and I left on a trip down to Michiana to visit her cousin's family for the day. It was a wonderful, glorious kid-free trip filled with yummy food, great company and strolling on the beach.

The first morning we were here Eloise did something I have only seen her do a very, very small number of times. She laid down and fell asleep completely on her own without anyone even being in the room. Here she covered herself up with a blanket my mom made and passed out, butt up in the air and all. So cute.

On Thursday the girls and I had a fun playdate with our friends who we haven't seen in two years! Last time these two were just under a year old and weren't walking yet!

My adorable and amazing friend Julie on the beach in Michiana. We had such a lovely day!

This was the view headed south from where we were on the beach. I have no idea what those smoke stacks were in the distance, but they looked kinda cool!

On the beach in Michiana Julie's cousin was showing me these cool rocks that had holes in them. I had never seen anything like them! We collected a few and I took them all home to give the kids. We also found three pieces of beach glass, which I thought was pretty lucky considering the beach was quite busy! There was tons of rock skipping done that afternoon, as well. With sore arms the next day!

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