Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation: July 13th

On Monday we were the very first people to show up on the beach at Kirk Park, on Lake Michigan. Oh, wait. Scratch that. We weren't the first. The dudes from the county jail were also on the beach picking up litter. Yep, just us and the convicts. And no one watching them. Yep.

Of course, they just did their thing and left the beach and then we really were the only ones there. It didn't take long for the beach to start filling up, though. Even on a Monday!
Lots of digging to be done on a beach.
Matt and Iris wading pretty far out. It's not clear in this picture, but there were some decent rolling waves that day. Iris and I later had a blast jumping over them!
Eloise put her dress back on pretty quickly, but as you can see, the fun was just beginning.

My husband and his trademark scowl.

A small view of the beach, facing north. The woman sunbathing to the right in this photo had us cracking up. She was laying on one of those aluminum foil thingies that help people tan more, I guess. AND she was smoking. You wouldn't believe how many people in MI smoked and sunbathed. I got a closer look at her as we were leaving, as she, her daughter and grandson all left at the same time and Eloise and the grandson were little buddies during the walk. Anyways, this woman was scary raisin-faced. Ew.

Anyways, while I was inspecting the view of the beach, this is what was going on with Iris and Eloise. Filling up her dress with sand, which was found to be heeeelarious!

And here begins a handful of the great pictures I got of Iris this day on the beach:

My sister bought Iris this dress from a thrift store a few summers ago, long before Iris fit in to it. My sister was thrilled to see Iris wearing it!


  1. You forgot to mention that this was the first day I took a shower in Michigan.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love Iris's bug dress! Where did you find that? Sophie would LOVE it!! :)

  3. Oops, never mind...I should have read the entire post before commenting, lol! I got a little ahead of myself :)


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