Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation: July 14th and 15th

Both of these days were, again, very low-key. On the 14th we again met my friend and her two kids at a park for a playdate. This time we met at a park very near to my parent's house. I can't remember how to spell the name, so the picture will have to suffice! I was in constant amazement of how nice and new the parks were that we visited in MI. The city my parents live in, Grand Haven, is something of a tourist town and seems to work hard at keeping up appearances.
After the playdate we all went to Culvers for ice cream. My friend, who lives in MI, had NEVER been to a Culvers. Can you even wrap your brain around how crazy that is? Seriously. She only dipped her foot in to the Culvers kool-aid (so to speak) but hopefully she'll be back. I used to plan out entire vacations when my parents lived in WI about what Culvers would have what flavor of frozen custard each day.

On the 15th we had wanted to hit another of our favorite beaches but we woke up to chilly weather and a thunderstorm that had just blown through. Instead, Matt, the girls and I relaxed at my parent's house before heading downtown to see some sights. We walked a bit on the boardwalk, had some gyros for lunch and spent some time at a cool toy store. As soon as my mom got off of work she and I left to do some (adult) girls-only shopping. It was so luxurious to be able to leisurely browse through shops--even ones that sell breakable objects!-- without children screaming at my feet. Ahhh.

I didn't get any pictures from the 15th, but here's a few of the park playdate:

I wasn't quite following what the game was on this particular piece of equipment, but I think it had something to do with an airplane, emergencies, people who needed to go to jail, and Eloise as a cat, who Iris was adamant about not wanting as a part of the game. Because Eloise is Eloise, she barged right in, anyways.

My friend's daughter and Eloise doing some sort of complicated communication with Iris, who was the captain of the plane, I believe.
The cranky pants who was trying to run the show that day.
Oooo, tunnels are always fun for pictures!

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