Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation: July 4th

The fourth of July was an especially lovely day. The day started lazily enough. Hanging out playing at Grandma's before we all packed up-- me, the girls, Julie, my sister and her husband and two boys and my parents-- and headed for the beach. After the beach and a yummy dinner we had a belated birthday party for Iris! My mom made a pinata and then we did presents and cupcakes. It was such a treat!

Iris and Eloise admiring their newly painted nails, thanks to Julie!

My silly nephew!

Iris wearing her cousin's swim googles and eating one of MANY freezer pops!

Iris and her cousin, looking terribly serious despite the fact that they are both crazy sillies most of the time!

Iris on the beach.

Eloise and my dad in Lake Michigan. Yes, my dad might be the only person in the world to wear jeans to the beach, Thankfully he changed later!

One of the many drip castles the kids made on the beach.

Eloise trys to figure out how this thing works!
Iris is a happy girl in the water!
Eloise, Iris and their two cousins line up for a pre-pinata photo.

The pinata my mom made.

Taking a swing!

Eloise gets a turn.

Candy time!The girls are opening their gifts, which included a nice kite from my parents. We can't wait to fly it!

We did go to fireworks on the Grand Haven waterfront later that night (with what I can only imagine was every other person living in/vacationing in MI at that time!) but I didn't get any pictures. We all had a blast, the fireworks were fantastic!

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