Friday, August 21, 2009

Day of fun!

We had a jam packed day of fun today. It started with a trip to Alki Beach with our good friends. The tide was very low and we all had fun checking out the floor of the Sound and walking waaaay out in to the water to the little islands the low tide had created. I should also note that, for the most part, a trip to the beach in Washington doesn't mean pulling out your bikini laying on soft hot sand all afternoon long. Nope. In Washington, our beaches are much more rugged. I have to say, I love them.

Check out this stellar outfit Eloise wore to the beach.

Iris had a blast digging with her friend. (I would have included the great pics I got of him, but I didn't ask his mom :) )

Eloise decided she was too wet and cold in her first outfit so she spent the second half of our play time wearing only my fleece.

This is a scene looking towards downtown Seattle from the beach.

I didn't get pictures of the rest of our day. After the beach we headed to the end of the year party at the school the girls will be attending this school year. There were two giant bouncy houses there, enough said!
Later this afternoon we headed in to the city on the bus to attend the last of the KEXP free concerts in the Seattle Center. Tonight we went to see the Fruit Bats, but sadly had to leave three song in to their set as we needed to get the girls home to bed. On the way to the show we got off the bus early so that we could ride the monorail from downtown to the Seattle Center. Pretty much only tourists ride this silly thing. Well, tourists and people like us with children who beg to ride it! Since the monorail picks up right next to the candy store in Westlake Center, we couldn't pass up the chance to load up on sugar!
The concert was lovely. The weather was perfect. The girls, as to be expected, wanted to spend the whole time running around, but any chance they get to wear themselves out is great! Headed back home on the bus and popped the girls in to bed, they were out fairly quickly. A great day, indeed.

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  1. Ha ha ha - I was like - where do they have fruit bats in Seattle?! Oh yea, I'm hip! LOL. Looks like it was a fantastic day. Love the pictures on the beach.


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