Monday, August 17, 2009

My baby is THREE! *sniff*

Today is Eloise's birthday. Three years ago, at 10:16 pm she was born in to my midwife's hands in the bedroom of my apartment. It was an exceedingly amazing and exceedingly difficult experience (for more reasons than just the obvious).

Here was Eloise the day after she was born. Less than 24 hours old! I used this picture for her birth announcement.
Taking steps on her first birthday!

Because I am a terrible mother, I couldn't find a picture of her on her second birthday (let alone remember what we even did for her birthday!) Oh, geez, the curse of the second child. This was taken just over a week after the big day. Actually, her second birthday was so over-shadowed by our wedding, which occured a week later. Poor girl got the shaft!
Here was Eloise and I yesterday. My friend Markus took this picture with my camera and I really, really love it. She is so THREE in this one! Looking like a real little girl.Eloise keeps us on our toes every second of every day. I always say that her tenacity will serve her well one day! Heck, it serves her pretty well now. We adore her to no end. She is hilarious and loving and truly feels every range of emotion from deeply joyous to deeply sad. It's going to be so much fun to watch her grow through this next year as she spends more time in school with new teachers and new friends.
I love you sweet Eloise Pearl. Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh happy birthday to your beautiful girl and congratualtions to three years being a rockin

  2. That is a really great picture! She's such a beautiful little girl.


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