Wednesday, September 09, 2009

August pictures

I finally got a bunch of my recent photos off of my camera, so I'll dump them all here in one big post!
First, here's a few from Eloise's third birthday party. We had a "messy party" but you know, most of the kids weren't too interested in getting very messy! Out of everyone, I expected Miss Eloise to be head-to-toe paint and cornstarch and mud, but nope.

This was a pool with cornstarch and water.

Some of the kids lined up eating cake. Yum!

The mural the kids' worked on.

Iris also had her very very VERY last day of preschool. We had the official last day of preschool celebration back in June (on Iris's birthday) but this was the end of summer, end of the whole shebang celebration. As you can tell, the school was big on celebrations! It was so much fun. There is a sort of loft built high up above the sandbox that the preschool kids never got to play in because it belonged to the little boy in the house where the school was located. However, on the very last day, the kids all got to climb up there and get a bag of things that their teacher had put together for them. It was great to see all of the kids do their last little climb before becoming kindergartners!

Iris's teacher made each child a necklace of tube beads and origami stars and put it on each of them after they climbed up in the loft. It was a really sweet gesture. Iris and Eloise with Iris's amazing teacher.

I really wish we could have made it work for Eloise to go to this school this year, but as it is a co-op of sorts, I couldn't have managed all of the working parent days, meetings, etc etc. We're going to miss our teacher and the community of friends we made while we were there. Crossing our fingers that our new school provides us with the same amount of love and support!

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