Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Can't let sleeping dogs lie

For whatever reason, I have decided to throw my mind back in to what the right choice is for Iris's schooling for this coming year. And by this coming year, I mean next week.

To recap: Waaaaay back last winter we went on all of the crazy tours and did all of the stuff good little parent's do to find the best public school for their child in a city where we have school "choice". We sent in our enrollment packet and were thrilled- THRILLED! to find out that Iris got in to our very first choice school. It is a funky arts school that we both felt was a great fit for not only Iris, but our whole family. The only problem? We got the letter right after we made the offer on our house in an entirely different part of the city.

Right after that I toured an amazing-- AMAZING! school in our new hood. It was a small private school. Very artistic and funky and super awesome. I fell in love and promptly pulled both Iris and Eloise out of their schools and decided to send them both to this new school. We figured out how to afford it and it was a done deal.

Fast forward to yesterday. I decided to try and re-enroll Iris in a public school in our new neighborhood, just to see what we would get. I didn't hear back after I sent in the paperwork, so I called yesterday to find out what was up. What was up was that they kept Iris on the roster at the original school and put her on the waiting list (#15!) at the school we wanted in our new neighborhood. I was told she wouldn't be officially taken off the roster until she doesn't show up on the first day of school. So, what that means is, if we hadn't gotten her in to a private school, we would have been stuck with our original school. I say "stuck" but I don't really mean it, because it's a great school. I say stuck in the way that wow, it's a 25 minute drive in good traffic from where we are. No buses (not that I would use it, anyways).

SO, my gears started turning. Maybe we did still need to send Iris to that school. It would save us serious cash every month, though it would mean driving at two hours every day to pick up/drop off from school.

The other thing is, no matter which school Iris goes to, I will still have to get her in to a new school for 1st grade. Her private school is too expensive to keep her in, especially once she hits second grade and Eloise would have to become a kindergartner there. And clearly that amount of driving for me isn't sustainable to keep her up at the school up north.

I guess I am leaning towards keeping her at the private school, just so that I wouldn't have to drive, but then I wonder, is that selfish of me? I mean, I'm a stay at home mama. Sending my kid to an expensive school so I don't have to drive too far seems really selfish. Of course, my husband said if it was him, he wouldn't do it.

Why oh why do I do this to myself?!?!

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  1. This isn't just about you, though Sybil. You feel that way because it would benefit you, but it's also stressful on the girls to be in the car that much every day, especially after just getting out of school and needing to work out the ants in their pants. Then there's buying gas, (which would quickly offset a lot of savings), the wear and tear on the car which equals tires sooner, more oil changes, having to replace costly parts more quickly. In the end you will be ripping yourself and the kids off of that extra hour in the evenings when you could have been making dinner/doing homework/going on a family outing together. You've been Blessed with the opportunity to have Iris attend an awesome school in your area. Take advantage of your Blessings! You'll all be happier for it :)


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