Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My sweet little Eloise. No matter what, she always seems to play second-fiddle to her sister. Lately we've been all about Iris's struggles with school, but what about Eloise? She has gone through an insane amount of changes in the past few months, it's staggering, really. She has attacked every one of them with grace and has been a strong, resilient little lady.

We moved in to this house at the end of June. We went on vacation for three weeks. We came back and she turned three. Then, for the first time ever, she slept in her own bed in a room she shares with her sister. It wasn't too long after that that Eloise weaned. THEN she potty-trained. The week after she potty-trained she started preschool. ALL of this in under three months.

I love you little Pooties. You're my little trooper!


  1. Beautiful post baby. I love it.

  2. So sweet. So many changes for a little girl, I'm happy to hear she's weathering them well. I bet part of the reason she loves school so much is that she gets to do her own thing. Ansel is in his first solo preschool now too, and he's I think it's great for him to be able to be the big kid instead of Django's little brother for a change.


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