Sunday, September 27, 2009

New post!!!

If you are interested, please go on over to read my house buying blog at The Unlikely's Buy a House. I completely abandoned the blog right after we moved in, as the process of buying our house was so unbelievably exhausting that I didn't even want to keep writing about it. Like if I stopped writing, maybe the whole thing would just go away!

However, now that we are working incredibly hard, I have been wanting to document the process of what we are doing to inject some TLC in to this place and make it not only our own, but a really wonderful home that we, and future owners, can really enjoy.

Interestingly, I pretty much have NO pictures of house so far. I keep waiting for something to be "done" so I can document it, but without "before" pictures, I doubt the "after" ones will be very exciting!

So give me a little time, I'll try to get some pictures up and just start from where we are, which is three months in to home ownership with a major basement remodel already under our belt!

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