Thursday, September 03, 2009

New question

I knew this time would come, though maybe sometimes I did doubt it ever would, but I'm no longer, officially, a milk maker. Thus rendering the name of my blog not exactly relevant.

My blog started with the name "Adventures of an AP Mama" which I liked, but I fell out of interest in labelling myself "AP". Then, on the suggestion of EcoMom I changed it to "Weezie Doo and Icey, too!" (those were/are nicknames of our girls-- Icey we still use, not so much he Weezie Doo). It was a great suggestion-- so much so, my hubs and I stole it to use on a joint blog (which we haven't posted on in and I then re-named this blog "Musings of Milk Maker". My online handle has been mamamilkers for a loooong time. My same friend, EcoMom, suggested I keep it, as I always will have been a nursing mama, even if I no longer am (she's so smart!). It helps to keep it, since that is what my Twitter account is under. When I was active on public message boards, that was also my name. Well, except for the short time I posted on Indiebride, then I was the really original "mamabride" (was actually a bit surprised that was still available when I got it! ha ha).

Okay, this is really veering off course. I am wanting to change the name of my blog AGAIN-- I know some of you have been reading since it's very first name (thank you!!!) and likely are having your eyes rolling around in your head right now. But I figure, that header up there is like two years old now, so with a new name can also come a new header. I did that myself, isn't it snazzy? (It took an embarrassingly long time to make it, hence never changing it in two years!)

So, if you have any suggestions, throw them at me!


  1. Love your header and Ive been around for A WHILE! ;) I say go with whatever name you want!


  2. It will be fun to see what you come up with. :)


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