Friday, September 11, 2009

Now it's Eloise's turn!

Today Eloise had her first day of preschool. Unfortunately this has been supremely overshadowed by Iris's first day of Kindergarten!

It was pretty uneventful, at least at first. Eloise was excited to go. She doesn't have a nervous bone in her body! We sat for a few minutes with her for circle time and then said our goodbyes and were off. Iris and I used the time to do some flower browsing (I'm doing the bouquets for my sister-in-law's wedding next weekend). Just over an hour after we dropped Eloise off, I got a call saying she had a very bad rash that was spreading to her face and that we needed to come and pick her up.

To be 110% honest I knew she had a rash when I brought her to school, but when I checked the handbook it said a child has to have a fever of 100 or more AND a rash to need to be kept home. Also, he rash was much better this morning than it was yesterday, so I thought it was a random thing that was going away. Turns out, it got darker and more prominent while she was at school. I took her to the doctor and two different doc's looked at her, both stumped as to what it was. I was told to watch her and see if it changes at all.

Now I think it's hives. It's going on over 24 hours and still no other symptoms have developed. Just a hive-like rash.

Anyways, I did get a few hysterical shots of Eloise before her short school day!

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