Sunday, September 20, 2009

Phew. Made it!

It has been a very busy past few days.

On Friday Matt stayed home from work so that I could get the flowers together for my sister-in-law's (his sister's) wedding. The weekend was supposed to be all about this wedding, but on Friday something vastly overshadowed that for me. Our contractor came by to "finish" the job that was supposed to be done by August 10th. It is mostly finished, except for some small things they still need to do, like cleaning up some garbage they left and what-not. I had a mini-breakdown because we paid a huge amount of money for our basement remodel and, well, it still has a long way to go. I am not saying we were ripped off, I don't think we were, but rather, it's amazing you can pay that much money and still have your basement look pretty much like a basement still. We need to do the flooring and trim, which is a ways off as far as our budget is concerned. The contractors left a mess, our entire basement floor was covered in dirt. Ugh. I am breathing and Matt and I are working out stage two of this remodel.

Anyways, so I went with my mother-in-law to get the flowers and thank god she was there with me. I ended up going a different direction that I thought I would (a BETTER direction) but I needed her there to provide reassurance. After picking up the flowers we came home, I put the bouquets and boutonnieres together and then we all got ready to head out-- Matt and Eloise to the happy couple's rehearsal dinner and Iris and I to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's preview of Romeo and Juliette. The preview was neat-- and at $10 a ticket I can't complain-- but it wasn't what I expected. I thought (not sure why) we were going to a dress rehearsal or something. Instead, we were all shuttled in to a white studio and the chairs were set up in a "U" shape around the room. They dancers performed two acts of their performance, not in costume. It actually was incredible, but it lasted about 45 minutes and we were sad to not have seen the costumes. Iris did say she liked it and maybe we'll go again some time.

Saturday was wedding day! I got up, rushed across town to drop off the flowers to the maid-of-honor's house then to the other side of town to get my hair done. Forever, as long as I have cared about how my hair looks, I have wanted pencil straight hair. My hair teases me, it can be straight, with enough work, but usually it just sort of has weird waviness that isn't straight nor anything else. I got a cut that embraces my hairs weird wavy tendencies and my stylist gave me a cute wavy style to wear to the wedding. Using an actual curling iron on me instead of a flat iron-- not sure that my hair has ever seen a curling iron!

After the hair I had to race to the store to get more flowers to re-make the boutonnieres because my first batch all wilted. Get home, throw the boutonnieres together, jump in the shower (without messing up the hair!) throw on my clothes and then we all get in the car to head out for pictures. I did my make-up in the car! Of course, we show up, the first ones there (the ones with two small kids) and wait, wait, wait for the bride and her maids to show up. They do, we get pictures, then the ceremony begins. My father-in-law is not the greatest of health and there was some concern he might not be able to walk his daughter down the aisle. For me, the most touching part of the ceremony was seeing those two walk together down that aisle. It was so sweet. The whole ceremony was really lovely, though. Personal, sweet, funny, full of readings by family and friends and just really true to who the couple was. They did their vows in a conversational way, which they had rehearsed, it was great.

The reception was fun, as well, but to be honest I spent alot of my time in the childcare room supervising Eloise, who was in a bit of a mood. The food was lovely, the decorations were divine, it was great. The girls and I cut out just before 9:00 because Eloise was asking for a place she could just lay down. Matt stayed and par-tayed, eventually dragging his parents out around midnight.

Today we had a great combo of relaxing and hard work. The girls woke up and immediately started playing Polly Pocket and they, literally, played the entire day. At one point Eloise ran an errand with Matt (to get the PP that Grandma had stored in her purse at the wedding!) but besides that, from morning until dinner, it was all Polly all the time. I took them out to the park after dinner to get them a bit of exercise and Matt put them to bed.

Amazingly, I didn't get a single picture of the weekend, but I hope to see some wedding pictures soon and will try to share them!

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