Thursday, September 10, 2009

She did it!

Iris did great at her first day of school!!!!

We got up early, which was no small feat considering that both of the girls fell asleep just after 11:00 last night (put them to bed at 8:30!). Iris got up and was quiet, but she got dressed, ate breakfast and had her hair done. Eloise had to be carried right out of bed-- I woke her up and she looked at me, rubbed her eyes and rolled right over to keep sleeping.
We got to school, made some name-tags, got a tour of where to put the lunch box and backpack then headed in to the classroom. I was glad to see I wasn't the only parent with a dSLR documenting the morning! Iris was immediately captivated by the water table which was home to a koi and a small turtle. After she was done there a classmate asked her to sit down and color with her. Yay! Plenty of discussion about their drawings as well as compliments from the new friend on Iris's "earring" helped Iris feel right at ease. We gave hugs and kisses and started filing out the door, then I heard the familiar "I need one more hug and kiss!" so I went back over to her. She asked me not to go and looked a little teary eyed and I told her she would do great, gave her a last hug and kiss, and got up to leave. And she didn't cry. And neither did I.
After school Iris said the day was too long, and her teacher also said that Iris was ready to go home right after lunch. At her preschool that was the drill, lunch then go home, so this will be an adjustment! Other than that, it sounded like a pretty good day. We couldn't get a whole lot of info out of her but luckily her teacher posts pictures and stories on a blog, so we got a great sneak-peek tonight when we read that.
Here are the pictures from our morning!

Ever the ham . . .
Making her name tag (and notice her "earring")

Not sure what was going on with my flash here, but Iris is holding the class's turtle.


  1. Oh she did it. I was thinking of you guys today. How sweet she

  2. Oh, how wonderful!! I bet she will like the long day better when she's not too excited to sleep the night before ;) I hope today goes even more smoothly! How cool her teacher blogs. That would be awesome!


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