Sunday, October 11, 2009

Drive-by posting in the twilight of my 31's

Yep. Another birthday tomorrow. But that's another post for another day. When she was going to bed this evening, Eloise said "I hope you like your joy!" at first I thought she said "toy" so I said "oh, you got me a toy?" and she said "no, joy". Oh that little peanut. If she wasn't so cute in moments like this she might be sold to the gypsies. Don't even get me started about how sassy she was yesterday . . .

Speaking of yesterday, my amazing, awesome, resilient friend babysat our girls for over EIGHT HOURS so that we could attend the wedding of our friends way over on the Kitsap Peninsula. Here they are, just over a year ago at my wedding. Adam was the one who married Matt and I. His bride, Laura, could not be a more perfect match for him.

The wedding was perfect and wonderful in every way. I hate to take away from the joy of Adam and Laura's day, but OHMYGOD Matt and I spent over NINE hours without our children. I swear I was totally reborn as a new woman. Not only that, but we hung with four other couples that we have known for a while, three of them are parents. None of them had their kids, either. Let me tell you, I was cursing Miss Laura for her whole "kid-free wedding" crap but I had no idea that really it was the best idea ever of ALL TIME. So, yeah, we had a blast. Didn't bring my own camera, but some of the others at our table did, so maybe we'll get some photos of us living it up. Cake? YUM. Wine? Drank it all.

Of course, we get home and my friend was a bit shell-shocked at how insane my littlest angel can be. Yeah. But you know? I think they were fine. She may never babysit again, but we totally understand and wouldn't hold it against her.

It is the end of a long week, as Matt was in California from Wednesday afternoon until very late Friday night. We got up, slowly got ready, then went to the wedding on Saturday. Today we pretty much were lazy. Matt took the next two days off of work, which means that we will have all day tomorrow without kids, too. Iris was a little sad that she was going to miss the party tomorrow, but I assured her we wouldn't be having a party until she got home from school. It's going to be a lovely birthday, indeed. Almost as lovely as this one.

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