Monday, October 12, 2009

A lovely birthday, indeed

I think on this birthday I am most thankful for, after the obvious things, is Facebook. Ever since Facebook came around and told everyone it was your birthday everyone writes you Happy Birthday wishes alllll day long. It's so cool. I've gotten phone calls, emails, texts, FB messages, it's made me feel super duper special!

When I moved to Seattle eight years ago, just two or three days before THE September 11th (that's how I'll never forget the year!), I had my 24th birthday a month after arriving. It was the worst birthday ever. I think I got a phone call from my parents and that was pretty much it. I was so sad. The best thing about birthdays is a sweet little message of happiness from friends and family far and near. It always means the world to me. So, yes, Facebook, thanks for making it possible that my day was absolutely made.

Highlight of my day? Going out to lunch at Agua Verde with my hubby.

So far, 32 is allllriiiiight.

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