Monday, October 05, 2009


I refused to put this picture on my house blog because OHMYGOD. Look at this!

This is my daughters' playroom. Earlier in the day it was almost totally picked up. Why do I even bother? The thing that annoys me is that not only is it messy, but you can't even see the floor. Then they won't really play in there, because, duh, you can't find anything.

Also, I hate playdoh.

Let's see, so where were we? Oh yes. Iris has come full circle at school. I can't even believe it. Bounding in to the room every morning as happy as a clam. Today the teacher asked me if I could help with a nature walk. Of course, I was happy to oblige! I've been waiting to be able to help out (we were steering clear of having me in the classroom because of Iris's adjustment issues). Her class has 8 boys and 5 girls and is mixed age, kindergarten through second grade. They truly were mixed, it was so sweet. We went on the walk and boys and girls of different ages were walking buddies, at their choice. The teacher read them poetry while they walked and collected leaves and such. It was really neat.

And Eloise? Well, little Eloise. She is fully potty-trained now. We even gave away all of our left-over diapers last week, donating them to the girls' school. I can't even believe it. Diapering one (or both) children for over FIVE years. Wowsa. I am so proud of her! She is still fond of putting the smack-down on other children, which isn't so fun, but we're working on it. She is a girl of uncontrollable impulses.

Now we're still trying to tackle getting them to fall asleep at night. Sharing a room, they fight and play and sing and yell and come up for potty/water/toys, etc etc. UGH. Every night it's a struggle. I KNOW they are tired, but they just get that second wind or something when they go to bed.

And me? I've been good. Working like a mad-woman to do home projects on the two days a week both girls are at school. To hear more about that, please feel free to check in at my house blog. It's pretty exciting, everything is coming together! We spend our weekends partly working, partly playing and partly resting. It's lovely.

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