Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of my American friends and family-- Happy Thanksgiving! This is also a busy couple of day in our family because my brother-in-law (my big sister's husband) and dog have birthdays today and my big sister and father-in-law have birthdays tomorrow! Every year on this day I think about my mom going in to labor, well before her due date, on Thanksgiving night in 1970. If I remember the story correctly, the people my mom was having dinner with that night didn't even know she was pregnant. My two older siblings ended up being nine months apart in age!

So, it's Thanksgiving. As always, alot to be thankful for. I really look forward to this day every year even though it's a huge amount of work-- and I don't even host the dinner! We have been going every year for a while now to our good friends house who live just across town. The kids all run and play. The adults sit around and drink and chat. And then we all eat! I enjoy that I get to make a bunch of food but don't have to clean my house and all of that.

I started shopping for my part of the menu last week. I made a couple of easy appetizers, a sweet potato pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and cornbread stuffing with cranberries. They were all super yummy if I do say so myself! Yesterday I started cooking (and had to go to the store TWICE!) and today I finished everything up before heading to our friend's house.

After we get there and settle in Iris curls up in my lap and keeps saying she is sleepy. We think she's feeling a little hot. As the food is getting brought out we get a thermometer and yep, she has a fever. I threw together a plate of food and slipped out the door to bring Iris home and laid her on the couch. The food was AMAZING. Everything there was so, so, so good.

Matt and Eloise got home a few hours later with tons and tons of leftovers. I am sooo grateful that they sent him home with a bunch of food from the dinner. After all of the prep and anticipation is was very disappointing to miss the fun and food of the big day.

That said, you know, it's life. I am so thankful that even though Iris is having a hard day, she's a healthy, smart, vibrant and amazing little girl. I'm tired and cooked a ton and didn't get the outcome I wanted, but I'm thankful that this is my biggest complaint of the day.

It's been a tough few weeks and I've been on mom duty far more hours of the days/weeks than I usually ever am, but I'm growing to really enjoy it. Doing bedtime duty every night, the girls drive me crazy but we also have the sweet moments of snuggling in and reading books and winding down the busy days. Tucking my sweet girls in. I'm so thankful for our home and to have such a lovely place to tuck my beautiful girls in to every single night. We've got our little routine down every night and more or less, it works. We're figuring it out even we're tired or cranky or whatever. I could certainly complain, but instead, I want to be thankful for the abundance in my life.

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