Sunday, November 01, 2009


Halloween is finally over. It felt like a ton of build-up and anticipation for what actually occurred, but of course, many things happen like that.

On Friday afternoon we went trick-or-treating at Matt's work. I think this is the third year we've gone there and it's pretty fun. The high points are getting to meet his co-workers, and for them to see the girl's all dressed up. There are games to play, as well, which is nice. What I don't like is that the workers there seem so desperate to give away candy that they are literally dumping handfuls of it in to the girl's bags.

That night I convinced the girls to keep a few special pieces of candy for themselves and give the rest to the "Halloween Fairy". They weren't terribly interested at first, but surprisingly, they were very in to it after we got all of the candy home. I put the candy away and slipped a Polly Pocket in to their bags for them to find in the morning. The girls were absolutely thrilled!

On Saturday we were supposed to trick-or-treat with friends in their neighborhood, but they were sick so we decided to go hit up the businesses in our hood, instead. That appeared to not only be our idea but the idea of every family in Western Washington, as well. I think the girls enjoyed it. I know Matt and I were a bit overwhelmed. It just didn't feel like a fun celebration, it felt like families pushing and shoving through crowds to fill their bags with candy.

When we got home the girls once again took out a few special pieces of candy to keep. That night the Halloween Fairy brought two Littlest Pet Shop toys for each of them, again, a big hit. We put the left-over candy in a bowl for the trick-or-treaters that came to our door, of which there was a grand total of three.

I am so torn about Halloween. I don't want my kids to have that much candy but I want them to participate in the fun ritual of trick-or-treating. I think we came up with a decent solution this year. I am unsure about going door-to-door around here, as it would appear most people were, since not many people came. In some neighborhoods, like my sister-in-law's, they got about 1,000 kids. So people are doing that somewhere, just not around here. Of course, my kids are so little, I think not going out at night is the best idea right now. Going to the businesses is a good idea, but sooo crowded that it isn't that much fun.

Just trying to figure out what the right plan is so we can prepare for next year. Maybe we will host a Halloween party? Something where the celebration includes costumes and games and doesn't center around candy?

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