Sunday, November 08, 2009

Who are these kids?!

The girls got their school pictures taken recently. I am not typically a big fan of these kinds of pictures, but thought it would be fun to get the smallest set they sold and it came with a free print of the class picture.

Of course, once the pictures came, I was thrilled!

These kids, who are they? Don't they look totally unrelated? Isn't that so bizarre?!

Anyone else have kids who don't look related to each other?

ps for the record, they both have the same two parents ;)

pps that wasn't the shirt I sent Eloise to school in. She destroyed her first one before the pictures were taken. If you look closely you can see the ink on her face and on this shirt!

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  1. Oh YEAH. Jason and I have the boy versions of Iris and Eloise in Ian and Eric. (See? They even share the same initials.) Ian fair and very sensitive, Eric darker and an absolute hellion.

    The pics are great. You will quickly be able to wallpaper your house with school pics, but I still buy every time!


    (Hey, we are in Seattle in less than two weeks. Maybe we can get together? Would love to see you guys and the new casa. Eric and Eloise can duke it out, or fall madly in love... probably both.)


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