Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finally on break

I don't know who was looking forward to winter break more-- me or Iris! Things have been much more difficult than usual lately as Iris's anxiety level is creeping higher and higher every day.

We are back to crying most days at drop-off and I have heard that the crying has started again at lunch. There has also been days where Iris hasn't wanted to eat much of anything at lunch time, though, thankfully, that hasn't been a daily occurrence.

In addition to crying at drop-off Iris is back to crying at night and in the morning a few days per week, in anticipation of going to school. The most exhausting new development, however, is that she is waking up at night anxious and wanting to be with a "grown-up" (her word) and talking about her anxiety about the next day at school.

It seems to really come down to a pretty severe case of separation anxiety. Iris can barely do anything at all without her father or I at her side. Last week I took her to Toys R Us to pick out a Christmas present for Eloise and she wouldn't even walk down the toy aisle 10 feet away without me by her side.

On Wednesday I finally met with our family doctor to discuss some options. I got a few names of therapists that our dr feels would be a good match but we also discussed some alternative treatments that might work. Cranial-sacral work as well as acupressure (acupuncture without the needles) was something that appealed to me. I have had experiences with these therapies myself and am a fan. Our dr also suggested seeing a homeopath-- which sounds great, but is typically pretty expensive and therefor is not going to be high on our list of choices unless we feel for some reason it's or only option.

Overall I'm feeling more positive. I am going to start calling people soon, which may be a little daunting. I need to ask about insurance coverage and all of that other crap and so none of the suggested therapists may end up working and we'd be back to square one in terms of searching for a good one.

But for now, we have choices, and we have time. My little girl in on a break from school until the new year and free to be stuck to my side every moment of every day if she chooses. I have never kept her home from school over her anxiety (and wouldn't, for fear of making it worse!), but am very, very happy for any breaks we get that allow her to relax a bit.

I leave you with this amazing level of cuteness. Iris insisted she wouldn't go by Santa, but then we got to the front of the line and she ran right up to him!

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