Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some fun editing

I have been playing with a trial version of Photoshop Elements and was able to tweak these three pictures a bit. I really liked them to begin with, so this has been fun!

What do you think?

These were all taken on my Nikon D40 in the butterfly room at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA.

This last one, that is almost SOOC. Isn't the effect with the wings amazing? I have NO idea how I captured that, but it's pretty!


  1. oooh, I like them! I wish I could hang out for a weekend so you could teach me how to use my Nikon. I have a beautiful D70s that begs to be used by someone who has half a brain, but alas...I do not. LOL

  2. Wow, how did you capture the wings like that?! Cool! I need to play around with Photoshop Elements more. We have a Canon Rebel xti, which I think is similar to the Nikon D40, from what my photography-obsessed brother was telling me. We love taking pictures with it, because it automatically makes things look sooo much better than our old camera!

    We've been hanging out at Pac Sci recently, too — it's warm and dry, after all. Maybe we'll catch you there someday!


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