Friday, December 11, 2009

Visit from friends

Last weekend I was beyond thrilled to have some very amazing friends come in to town to spend some time with us! Of course, I should start with how we know each other . . .

When Eloise was born I was active on the message boards on MDC, or They have due date clubs, so that mamas who are all due in the same month can chat all together. After our babies in the August 2006 club were born MDC closed our message board. One of the mamas put together a new, private, message board for those of us who wanted to keep chatting. Oh, and did we ever! I think our MDC board closed about three years ago and our new board is something that I still visit every single day. We are a very, very close-knit group of mamas. For some of us, our August 2006 baby was our first, some our only, our last, our third or fourth . . . so even though we're all in a bit different place in our parenting, we still are crazy bonded with each other.

A while ago some of us suggested we try to get a meet-up together in Seattle so I decided to host a dinner and put together some activities for the families who were coming. One family drove TEN HOURS up from Southern Oregon. One family came from Vancouver Island. One flew in from Wyoming and one brought her family, including their newborn, down from Bellingham. None of the families stayed with us (it would have been nice to have the room!) but we hosted a taco dinner on Friday night for everyone. It was so much fun and I just sat in awe of how we came to be friends and the lengths each of these families went to spend some time all together over a weekend.

On Saturday three of our families spent the day together at the Seattle Center, mostly in the Pacific Science Center --our Bellingham friends needed to get back home and our Vancouver Island friends had a very sick little one on their hands who needed to stay in the hotel room most of the weekend. That night myself and three friends went out to a Japanese dinner followed by coffee. There was so much laughing. So much connecting. I was the only one who had previously met every other mama who came, but all of us were just old friends connecting on a new level that wasn't over the computer.

This group of women are so amazing. I feel truly honored to be a part of the group and even more honored that they all worked so damn hard to make our meet-up happen because our friendship is just that important to all of us.

I fully anticipate being friends with these women for many years to come. We are already planning more meet-ups (um, I may or may not have booked us a trip to the OR coast this summer without telling my husband) as well as a GRAND vacation in, oh, 25 years or so! Since the mamas live all over the country (and Canada!) it's been impossible for too many of us to get together all at once, but we're hoping to remedy that SOME day. I can't wait!

*Hoping to post pictures soon, I just wanted to ask the mamas if it's okay with them!


  1. I'm jealous...that sounds like SO much fun. :) Good for you all. xoxo

  2. That's fantastic! I'm not in that group (because I don't have a child that age!) but I nonetheless hope I can turn you into a real life friend one day! ;)


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