Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Weight loss, try number, uh, yeah . . .

So I'm working on losing weight. Again. The last time I tried and succeeded was for my wedding. I started the exercise about two years ago now and by the wedding, in August, I was maybe 15-20 lbs lighter and about two clothing sizes smaller. It felt great. I didn't realize at the time what my body really looked like, it just was what it was. I didn't feel like I killed myself for it (I mean, 15-20 lbs in eight months? That's not exactly a crash diet!) but it worked. I had a goal, of course, and I was determined.

Unfortunately once the wedding passed I stopped pretty much everything I was doing and the weight came back on. This past summer I couldn't wear any of the clothes from the summer before. Not even really anything from the summer before that, either.

And now I'm back on the plan.

Here's what it looks like:

-aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes at least 5 times a week (I don't check my heart rate)
-ab work at least 4 times per week
-no eating after dinner except for: A. if I truly am hungry or starting to get shaky, and B. a couple of times for Friday and Saturday night
-no sweet treats, unless planned for
-trying to be more mindful of what I am eating-- ie more fruits/vegetables
-take my supplements every day

So far it's working really well. I can't say that even most days are 100% perfect, but I am getting there.

The exercise at this point consists almost entirely of doing the "free step" on my Wii Fit. I try to walk outside and really want to get in to swimming laps once a week, as well. My ab work is a few exercises I learned from my yoga teacher when I went to some postnatal yoga for abs classes. I am doing great not eating after dinner, it's really an all or nothing thing. I can't let myself do it because it's a slippery slope. I have very little will-power after the girls are in bed at night! It does help to have some planned "free" nights, though.

As far as sweets, well, I just had to throw away almost an entire pie from Thanksgiving because it went bad. I DO allow myself some treats, though. I had a little bit for Thanksgiving. I have about 10 chocolate chips a day, since we have them in the house from the cookies I made for the holiday. I get my Starbucks about 4-5 times a week (with non-fat milk, but still calorie-heavy) and once a week I get a scone. I HAVE to give myself those times for treats or else I can never stick to a plan.

That said, when I'm eating meals, I'm trying to be more aware of what's going in my mouth. I am not restricting myself to a certain amount of calories or anything at this point, the thought bores me to tears, so I'll stay on this track and see where it leads. Having a background in nutrition has really helped me to be able to do this without being obsessed about numbers, as well. I just have a better idea overall of what I should be consuming. It's more about healthy foods than low-calorie foods.

The only other thing that I have been thinking about is some sort of goal for an amount of weight lost or a BMI reached. I was just reading my friend Delilah's blog, unruly helpmeet, and she mentioned needing to reward herself for reaching goals. I think this might be right up my alley, so I'm going to give it some thought. How much weight for how big of a prize? And what should the prize be? Jewelry (think: etsy)? Clothes?

Oh, I've been doing this for about two or three weeks. I think I'm getting there. You have to weigh yourself every time you do the Wii Fit (well, sometimes I turn it off before weighing) and it goes up and down by a pound or two, but I think it's generally going lower. My BMI as of today is about 25.5 and I am working to get it to 24, as a starting point. 25.5 is considered overweight, 24 is considered normal.

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  1. Hey - I just started weight watchers 3 weeks ago. So far so good. I haven't stuck to it that well but I've lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks which is better than none at all. It's basically the same as what you're doing, just being mindful of what I eat and not snacking on junk. And excercising more. Like walking instead of driving when possible.

    I have a weight watchers book with a bunch of comfort food recipes that aren't fattening if you want to copy some of those. Also, I had some really excellent salads in New Orleans if you want some of those recipes.


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