Saturday, January 09, 2010

The cough that keeps on coughing (and other Eloise updates!)

Eloise has had a cough since October. It's insane. Pretty much after the first cold of the season she coughs. And coughs. And coughs. It is mostly a nuisance, but the past few nights it has kept her from sleeping well and she has also taken to asking "when will I be done coughing?". In the day and age of swine flu, taking her anywhere with her cough feels like I need to announce to everyone around us that she's not sick! Just a lingering cough! I'm also constantly barking orders to "cough in to your arm!" which is getting old, for both of us.

I took her to the doctor last year for the same thing. Actually, she's pretty much gone to the doctor every year since birth for the same thing. Nothing ever really helps. A friend suggested that we consult an allergy specialist since her son was helped by a visit to one. I think I am going to ask about a referral because nothing we're doing is working.

Besides the cough, Eloise has been a blast lately. She settled right back in to school and her teacher is always thrilled about her silly antics and the progress she is making in using her words, not her fists. Yay!

This past week Eloise started at circus school. She loved her first class so much she threw a major fit and refused to leave. I suppose that's a good sign! Annoying, but still good. She reports that she swung on a rope swing, juggled, used the rings and wore clown make-up. Mmm Hmm.

Tonight we decided that Eloise would be a perfect member on a team with the Seattle Derby Brats. I couldn't imagine a more perfect sport for her!

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  1. When I was a child, I coughed every time I ate dairy, and every time I laid down at night. Eventually, I decided I was allergic to my pillow, and stole my moms, which stopped the cough at night (it was a regular pillow, not down or anything, so I have no idea what the problem was! Maybe too dusty?) I refused to give up milk, cheese, and ice cream, though, so continued to cough every time I ate them. Now, as an adult, I have a noticeable issue with dairy--my nose gets stuffy, junk in my throat, etc etc. So it could very well be an allergy to something.

    -karahugstrees on Twitter,


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