Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's re-check in three months . . .

It wasn't until I became pregnant with Iris in the fall of 2003 that I regularly began getting my blood drawn. Of course, once you start getting the blood draws, everything that is going in your body starts getting laid out on the table and monitored. Not necessarily dealt with, but monitored.

What I discovered in both of my pregnancies was that I had low iron levels and a low platelet count. What I am continuing to find is that these levels have stayed low, despite some fairly half-assed iron supplement taking on my part. It's interesting that we don't know exactly what these things mean as far as the state of my health is concerned. Are these things causing some of my issues with fatigue and crazy menstrual cycles? Maybe, or at least, maybe is the answer I get. Also "let's re-check those levels in three months" as if waiting another three months, after having checked them a few times a year for six years hasn't produced enough of a pattern???

I am not sure how to take this information from my doctor. I really like her, I do. I think the problem more lies in the fact that we're not exactly sure what the problem is and also it's not so damn serious that we're all jumping around like crazy to fix it. It sounds like taking the "wait and see" approach is more about, well, will it magically get better? Worse? Will I suddenly get so annoyed with what is going on that I will demand we do more?

At any rate, I'm a little frustrated. I've got low iron levels. A low platelet and white blood cell count and low vitamin D levels (though probably me and everyone else in the pacific northwest is dealing with the vitamin D issue!) I do figure I owe it to myself to at least go back to the doctor and make a serious plan for supplementation to follow for the next three months before the all-powerful re-check and then see where I stand.

Anyone reading ever dealt with any of these issues? Especially the platelet issue? I can take my iron pills, I can take my vitamin D, but what can I take for a low platelet count? Clearly a question for my doctor, but thought I would ask the interwebs before I get in to my next appointment.


  1. you SIL had this issue and found out she is slightly allergic to dairy/gluten. Turns out it's a common ailment and it's not noticeable enough for most people to make a change. She changed her diet, (not totally dairy or gluten free, but no raw dairy or wheat) and played with different supplements until she finally feels good and is WANTING to run for the first time in her life. She's 40. Maybe something to look into? Hope you figure it out!!

  2. It does sound allergy like - as though your body is having trouble absorbing iron. Unless you've gone vegetarian and have also eschewed all iron-rich foods like spinach and raisins. But you eat pretty healthy it seems like so I'm wondering if it's an sbsorbtion problem?

    I had a very low vitamin D level so my doctor put me on really high vitamin D supplements. I'm surprised your doctor didn't do that. On your own if it's really low you might as well start taking 3000mg a day to get caught up.


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