Sunday, January 17, 2010

When nothing sounds good

Be forewarned: I'm using this space today to do absolutely nothing else but whine.

I am sick. Oh, so sick. So sick today that nothing at all sounds like a good idea. Not sleeping. Not sitting. Not watching tv or reading or anything. I've been staring at the internet trying to take my mind off of how awful I feel, but it isn't helping. I am whining in to the abyss that is twitter and facebook hoping that if I complain enough, I'll start to feel better.

I must have some kind of flu. I guess people would assume swine flu given how prevalent it is right now. I got seriously screwed, though, because most of the people I know didn't get THIS sick for THIS long. But some did. So, I complain knowing at least I've had company.

Two years ago I was very sick with the flu. I swore up and down after that I would get flu shots. I never had had one ever before in my life, but dear god, I didn't want to go through THAT ever again. I didn't ever get one, though. And this year I didn't get the swine flu vax. And now? Now I'm kicking myself and I'm pissed. I will, every year, get a god damn flu shot.

I'm so glad I have a blog that I can whine to. No one wants to hear a sick person complain but I swear to god my head is going to explode (figuratively and literally) if I don't get my misery out.

You know what else is pissing me off? Every drug I've taken hasn't even touched how awful I feel. Prescription strength ibuprofen, hydrocodone, theraflu, tons of supplements. Nothing is taking away my aches. Nothing is helping me sleep. In fact, sleep sounds like the worst thing ever right now. When I am not lying awake in bed shivering/sweating/unable to breathe through my nose I'm sort of asleep having awful messed up dreams that are freaking me out.

I'd like to run to the doctor's office but OH! It's a holiday weekend! And OH! my kids have no school tomorrow but my husband has to work! I have no idea what I will do with my girls tomorrow. I can barely talk to them right now my head hurts so bad. I'm so inward and miserable. I should probably drag my ass out and buy them some huge amazing toy that will hopefully allow them to peacefully play for the day.

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  1. That's what the TV is for, dear one. Big huge hugs for you. xoxo


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