Thursday, February 04, 2010

Forced Separation

I swear, half the time I think Matt and I should just separate and each take a kid-- solely to keep them apart from each other. I have absolutely ZERO skill at helping my kids to get along. Hell, I would even take not screaming at and beating on each other at this point.

I know there are theories that siblings who are all filled up on their parents are better able to get along, so along those lines, I expected Iris to be a perfect angel this afternoon. You see, I spent the morning out with Iris visiting the art museum, having lunch and then hitting the toy store (complete with letting myself get suckered in to buying toys that I never planned to). Eloise spent the morning with some a friend.

So, Iris and I got home, followed quickly by Eloise, and her friend, being dropped off. Iris has proceeded to spend the entire afternoon calling her sister names, hurting her, screaming at her, refusing to let her play . . . it's incredibly obnoxious. A few times at the park I had to have Iris go sit down in a time out so I could focus on Eloise and her friend.

I have no idea what to do about their sibling relationship. Sometimes it's awesome and they get along really well, but even at those times, it's often because Eloise is letting herself be bossed around by her big sister.

The kicker is, of course, that both of my girls are just little dolls when we are with them one-on-one.

Has anyone else been struggling with this?


  1. I wish I could help on this one, but the only experience I have is with Emma June yelling at the pitbull to stay out of her room and now putting up a sign on her door that says "No dogs! Only kids, cats and kittens!"

  2. I have NO IDEA. I just wanted to say that I hope you get some good advice, because I'll be lurking for any future help I might need.


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