Sunday, February 14, 2010

The one where I become a reader

About a couple of weeks ago, or so, I decided to finally pick up "Twilight"-the first of the Stephenie Meyers' vampire series- that my friend loaned to me. She actually loaned me the entire Twilight saga and I set them on my ledge where they stayed for quite some time, taunting me with their sheer size. I can't recall that I have ever read a book with 600+ pages and knowing how long it took me to get through the last book I read, which was maybe half the size of one of the Twilight books, well, I was nervous. So I finally opened "Twilight", determined to at least get through that one before giving in.

Like most of the rabid readers, I couldn't put the book down. I read "Twilight" at a pretty rapid pace, at least for me. I won't lie, it was a pretty easy read, but so, so fascinating. As soon as I finished the book I found out that our local theater was showing a "Twilight"/"New Moon" double feature for Valentine's weekend. What a perfect goal for getting through the next book in the series! I asked my good friend if she would like to be my date for the movies, she just so happened to be reading the books at the same time, and then flung myself in to "New Moon". I had mere days to finish the hulking volume. Not surprisingly, I finished it with plenty of time to spare thanks to a couple of marathon reading sessions. Edward leaving. Bella sulking, the werewolves! I couldn't believe I was falling in love with this series, considering how much I had mocked everything Twilight related ever since the phenomenon broke out.

On Friday my friend and I sat through our double feature (fueled by snacks and plenty of alcohol) and had a great time. I will admit, the movies were a let-down, but unless each one was several hours long, the story had to be cut down substantially to fit in to the Hollywood mold. Of course, I won't lie, there was some serious eye candy in the movie that made even the less-than-stellar acting pretty damn enjoyable. You better believe I'll be fighting off the 15 year olds to be the first in line to see the next movie when it's released!

I decided to give myself a Twilight break before starting "Eclipse". Well, that lasted less than 24 hours. Last night I was up until 2:00 am tearing through the first few hundred pages. Yum.

On a side note, last night I was looking up YouTube clips of the cast talking about the movies and watched one of Robert Pattinson on the Ellen Show. When he came out for his interview the crowd screamed and screamed and screamed, causing Robert to giggle and blush for several minutes. And then-- then-- he referred to the women in the audience, all about my age, as cougars. Oh my lord. I'm officially a cougar. Ouch.


  1. We're pumas (in our 30s). Cougars are in their 40s. ;)

  2. Aargh. I guess that makes me a cougar. I thinkg I'd rather be a raccoon.


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