Sunday, March 14, 2010

We got da pox

The chicken pox has descended on our house. I am guessing the girls got it from Matt's shingles (oh, right, did I mention Matt had shingles?), but it's a little annoying because the doctor told us that unless the girls (or anyone else) were directly exposed to the shingles they wouldn't get chicken pox. Well, surprise! Not having vaccinated the girls against CP I did realize it was bound to happen. I'm not the type of parent to send my kids to a CP party, but I did hope they would come by it naturally. If they hadn't gotten it by the time they were in to later childhood we would have gotten the vaccine for them. So, yay, cross that one off the list, right?

Not every person has the same experience, of course, but the girls' hasn't been too bad. Iris is absolutely covered with spots and did feel cruddy for a couple of days but seems to be mostly back to normal. Eloise has many less spots and hasn't acted sick at all. In fact, I'm a bit worried that she didn't get a vigorous enough case of them to become immune to them later in life. I might get her titers checked to be sure. If she didn't develop enough antibodies I will likely do the vaccine at that point because oh my goodness, we are not going through this kind of quarantine again!

I must admit I'm getting a bit frustrated with how sick we've been in this house since the beginning of the year. It's getting a bit out of hand. My new motto is "we will all be well for vacation!" which is coming up over the girl's spring break. We do know they will be over the CP by then, but really, who knows what else the universe has in store for us?

It's been difficult to get everyone's needs met lately while also doing everything else on the list. I've on the auction committee for the girl's school (as a co-chair, so yeah, pretty much running the show!) in addition to trying to squeeze writing time in wherever I can. It's a juggling act and it certainly feels like every second something else is falling to the wayside. I constantly wonder how those super-moms do it. The ones who have amazing marriages, thriving children, creative outlets, enough exercise and sleep, clean homes, nutritious meals on the table, volunteer jobs taken care of, pets healthy and happy, perfectly landscaped yards . . . . you get the picture. It's all a little overwhelming. If you happen to be one of those super-moms reading, can you let me in on your secret?


  1. those mothers are mostly frauds. If you look beyond the surface they're all frazzled and stressed out like the rest of us, they just cover it better.
    My boys both were vaccinated against chicken pox then guess what? Yep, they both got them. Totally mild and because they'd been vaccinated they got over them really quickly, but still BOTH of them still got it? Felt kind of unfair.
    I hope you have a fantastic vacation!

  2. My secret is coffee.
    What? You're saying I'm not a super-mom so why am I answering?! ;)

    I totally feel your pain about being sick so much this year. I swear 2010 has been one illness after another with maybe a week break in between if we're lucky. I just keep reminding myself that every virus we have now is one less we'll have in the future.

    Matt had shingles? Poor guy! Glad you didn't catch them.


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