Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 10: Elimination Diet

I have become hooked on my usual breakfast. I think it will stick with me even after I can other things back in. Rice cakes, sunflower seed butter with raisins and raw sunflower seeds on top, a side of apple sauce and a drink. Sometimes carrot juice. Sometimes water. Sometimes a smoothie.

Lunch was sauteed zucchini and yellow squash with pesto over rice noodles. Dinner was a huge salad with avocado dressing and a side of apple sauce.

For dinner I made three pizzas for the family and two friends. It was definitely the first time I had ever made pizza that I couldn't eat, but it didn't bother me that much. What bothered me more was having to make a separate meal for me.

I added in limes, as well. A little tricky to do a lot of lime, but I added lime juice to a raspberry/blueberry/apple juice smoothie and also some to my avocado dressing. I can add lemon in, as well, so I will have to get some. The Whole Life Nutrition book has a recipe for lemonade with stevia and I forgot I can have stevia because it is an herb. I've actually never used stevia before!

My friend and I went out to see live music on Saturday night. It was so much to be out, but all I could drink was water. Not even soda! My friend in the band put us on the guest list, as well, so my total bill for the night came to exactly $0. How's that for a cheap date?

p.s. the band was super awesome amazing. They are called Trampled by Turtles and if you go to their site you can listen to some music. Very high-energy blue-grass.

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  1. I thought all Tamari was wheat free? I thought that was the difference between Tamari and soy. I have bought Tamari for years for that reason just because I thought it was more "pure". Interesting.

    I screwed up my dates and my Azure order doesn't come in until next week so I'm on hold this week. Will give me time to get rid of the temptations.

    Do you juice your carrots in the Vitamixer? raw? I think you may have mentioned this but I don't remember so please forgive me if you have but do you strain the juices?


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