Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 12: Elimination Diet

What a rough day it was. All I wanted to do was pig out on junk food. Did I cave? No, but man it was hard. When all you want to do is stuff your face with a bag full of doritos, a bowl of apple sauce just doesn't quite suffice. I keep reminding myself that the ED is a practice in self-discipline. Having been on it almost two weeks you would think my cravings for junk would be getting better. Not so much.

I have another confession, as well: as my eating improves, the meals I am making for the rest of the family are going down the tubes. I am even too embarrassed to tell you what my kids ate for "dinner" last night. At least I made up for it a tiny bit by giving them smoothies packed with fruit.

I'm getting bored with food again. Lunch was fried rice with lots of veggies and dinner was rice noodles and pesto. Both good meals, but it gets boring in repetition.

My day was also incredibly, incredibly lazy. I didn't do anything productive at all. Just sat around and watched copious amounts of television.

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  1. I hope you now how much I appreciate this inside look at what I'm likely to deal with. Can I do something to help? Can I make dinner for hubby & the girls one night so you don't have to? Can I pick stuff for you at the store? Is there anything I can do to help before I get started myself?


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