Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 20-21: Elimination Diet

I had another special treat on Wednesday. My friend Cynthia, who has commented on the blog quite a bit (thank you!!!!) invited the girls and I over for dinner. She made us chicken, rice and broccoli and she and her kids ate it, as did my kids (well, at least Iris did. Eloise was too busy being enamored with Cynthia's son). It was very sweet of her to make a meal specifically that I could eat.

When I got home from dinner I wanted a sweet treat so I made my "sorbet" out of frozen cherries, frozen peaches and apple cider. The girls had some, too, and gobbled it right up. So yummy. I am going to try and serve that more instead of popsicles or ice cream (which we don't have that often, but still).

I struggle quite a bit at night. I want something sweet or savory/crunchy.

This morning's breakfast was a banana. Yum. I have been eating a lot of bananas and pineapple since being able to add them back in. Today I decided to add back in beans and did that by making a hummus with sunflower seed butter instead of tahini. It was pretty good! Over the course of the day I ate a ton of it. With carrots, with cucumber, with rice crackers. Dinner tonight was a sort of fried rice that I have grown to like. Tons of sauteed veggies with leftover brown rice and some tamari. I put avocado over the top of the batch I made tonight, as well.

The two things I have been thinking about lately are when I can add back in nutritional yeast and vinegar. I have been reading a bit about what nutritional yeast is and I found this:

Unlike active baking yeast, nutritional yeast is grown solely for its nutritional value. It should not be confused with brewer’s yeast, a by-product of breweries and distilleries. nutritional yeast is a low-fat, low-sodium, kosher, non-GMO food that contains no added sugars or preservatives. The cane and beet molasses used in the growing process does not make nutritional yeast sweet and is not a source of simple sugars.

I think I will try to add it back in when I add back in regular yeast.

Also, vinegar. I decided I will challenge it the same way I am challenging everything else.

This ED says it is a "28 Day" ED but that's a bit mis-leading. Once the 28 days is over you've added back in everything BUT dairy, gluten, eggs, corn, yeast and oats. I can still go on to challenge those, and I will, but it will extend the ED out a little longer.

I was asked a little bit ago if I am losing weight. To be honest, I don't own a scale so I have no idea, but I'm not really noticing a change in the way my clothes fit. It's frustrating. However, I do remember when I lost weight a couple of years ago, in a really healthy manner, it did come off slowly and it wasn't until I tried on smaller sized clothes did I really realize I had shrunk.

It would seem the secret for me is to combine moderate exercise with eating right. Duh, right?

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