Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 5: Elimination Diet

I got some comments on yesterday's post and I am having a "duh" moment because I hadn't mentioned yet that, yes, I can have herbs and spices and salt. SO thank you for your ideas so far. Please keep them coming!

I woke up really late this morning and threw together the easiest thing I can do right now, which is sunflower seed butter on rice cakes with a side of applesauce and a smoothie. As much as I wish I wasn't, I am very much in to breakfast food for breakfast. Occasionally I can get a little crazy, like I did on Saturday, and have something like lentil soup, but in general, I like things like cereal, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal. Needless to say, the ED is throwing me for a loop.

Long story short, I was out of the house the entire day while the girls were at school. It was pretty nerve-wracking to wonder if my blood sugar was going to plummet, leaving me struggling for something I could eat. Luckily, that didn't happen. I stopped in a Jamba Juice for a carrot juice and then later the grocery store for some apple juice and craisins. I do know the ED says no refined sugar, and I am positive that is what the craisins had on them, but it was a pretty minor cheat, I think. Or at least, I am going to tell myself that. I needed to eat something.

When I got back home at 4:00 I wolfed down leftover risotto before making rice noodles with leftover pesto for dinner. I also had a side of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. The ED I am following doesn't specifically anything about rice products, like rice noodles, so I am just going with it. Again, it feels like a pretty minor "cheat", if that's even what it is.


For the most part I've still felt great. No headaches. No stomach issues. Until today I completely forgot about all of my issues with what I call blood sugar crashes. I am not 100% sure that is what they are, but it's what it feels like. I feel super shaky, like I NEED to eat something right this red-hot second. Anyways, since starting the ED, even on my two fasting days, I haven't had that even once. I was surprised I didn't today with being out of the house for so long and not having much to eat. Anyways, it's pretty neat to see these changes. Though I did tell my friend today that I'd take a killer headache and a hamburger right now over no headache and this blechy food.

Okay, here's the TMI thing: I am surprised my bowel movements haven't become more regular. I dealt with lots of BM issues that were all over the board before doing this. I thought, well, at the very least, all of the good stuff going in will make the stuff coming out more, well, formed and regular. It hasn't appeared so. Things are still pretty, uh, loose. Not diarrhea, nothing I am completely freaked and worried about, but still not normal. I don't know, just something I am taking note of, I suppose.

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  1. Im jealous that you are already in the eating part even if it is only phase 1, im on day2 of the smoothies and wow it is hard! Im not really hungry but feeling weird full of liquid i think :) I read on the ED site that it can take some time before your body adapts so maybe that is why you still have issues...I am really looking forward to tommorow to eat some rice etc. O one question rice cakes, is that a sort of a cracker made of puffed rice and nothing else? i can buy those here and those will really help on the days i work. Im looking forward to read more of your days, you are now on day 7 i think. Do you cook different for the girls and your husband? Bye!


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