Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 7: Elimination Diet

Again I'll start with some follow-ups on a comment:

Misty said I wouldn't like eating at her house very much if I didn't like this diet. Well, Misty, I would VERY VERY much like to eat at your house and am still awaiting my dinner invitation :) I think I'm being a little too vague in my complaints. I don't like eating the same thing very often. Left-overs and myself are not friends. So that's one thing about it. One day of pesto? Oh yum! Two days of pesto? No thanks. Same with my lentil soup. It was so freaking delicious the first day. I couldn't hardly swallow a bite by the third day of eating it.

Also? The main seasonings I usually cook with I can't use right now. The same base foods would be so much better if I could have a little miso or Bragg's or soy sauce/rice vinegar with them. I am already very sick of olive oil, salt and pepper. There are several fruits/veggies I can't eat right now that I am missing, too. Like pineapple. Oh, my beloved pineapple. If the diet was only about other whole foods, plus all of the seasonings, I'd be a happier camper.

All of that said, I had a MUCH better food day. For breakfast, the same. For lunch, though, I thinned down the guacamole in the food processor, making a sauce of it, then mixed it with rice noodles and topped it with sauteed zucchini. Very tasty. For dinner I made a sauce of coconut milk, sunflower seed butter, fresh ginger, salt and pepper. It was pretty yummy! Not as yummy as the peanut sauce I made for my family, but still delicious. I served it over stir-fried vegetables and brown rice. Tonight was the first night of the ED that I made my family a proper home-cooked meal. It took me a little while longer to make it all, but it was worth it.

Still feeling great! I don't know if I am doing more because my energy level is up, but I feel like I'm a busy little bee during the day. I think I finally had a "good" day all around on this diet. I felt good, I ate good, everything was good.

Still very much looking forward to Saturday-- that's tamari day!!! Woo Hoo!!! Starting Saturday I get to start challenging foods. The first one is tamari.


  1. Thanks for all the information again. Glad you are starting to feel better!

  2. I'm glad you're doing well and finding so much energy. Sounds wonderful. Great selling point right there.

    Now that you're this far into it, is there anything you want to share that you wish you'd know at the beginning? Favorite combinations for green smoothies or things to avoid during the two day green smoothie period? etc.


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