Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 9: Elimination Diet

Another decent, but frustrating, day. In the morning Eloise was at school so I took Iris to an appointment and then she wanted to go to a restaurant we had been to before for something to eat. I assumed I would sit there while she chowed down, but I decided to hesitantly ask the waitress if she could bring me a salad of nothing but greens, avocado, carrots and apples. I apologized for being a jerk. When the salad came it had all of those things, plus croutons. Interesting. I picked the croutons off and ignored the few crumbs they left behind and choked down my dry salad.

Later in the day I developed an avocado-based dressing and had a much yummier salad for dinner. I made the family alfredo pasta with chicken and broccoli. Torture.

Since we were out of milk and I didn't have the tamari to start challenging foods with on Saturday I went to the store. Still nothing worse than grocery shopping. It's painful, actually. I brought the tamari home and set it proudly on the counter. Only later, after flipping through my Whole Life Nutrition book, did it occur to me that I was supposed to buy wheat-free tamari. Ugh. So that little bottle will be shelved. The challenge will start with lemons and limes, instead.

Feeling good still. Really tired at night. I have been going to bed earlier than normal, bone-tired, and waking up needing to drag myself out of bed. My activity level hasn't changed other than Matt has been working later at night, so I'm on mom duty a bit more each day. But that doesn't feel like it's enough explanation to warrant how exhausted I've felt at the end of the day. On the plus side, I have more energy overall throughout the day!

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  1. If you're not eating many carbs, I bet you're tired just b/c you're eating so few calories. Glad you've got energy during the day, though! An avocado-based dressing sounds really good. Mmm.


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