Friday, April 09, 2010

Day One: Elimination Diet

Yesterday I started the elimination diet. The first two days are nothing but green smoothies which consist of spinach, apples, pears, mint and ginger. I did try one with kale but it was a bit too much for me, so the rest of the smoothies have been spinach only. I bought a huge tub of pre-washed organic spinach from Costco and that is making it really simple. I have been drinking these as I feel like it, which has amounted to about four blenderfuls of 32 oz each yesterday. I definitely hit a point where I was hungry but didn't want any more damn smoothie, so I just had some water instead.

How have I felt? Interestingly, about like normal, which is basically total crap. The only difference is normally when my head hurts this bad I take tylenol or ibuprofen for it. I have decided not to take any OTC drugs during these two days of smoothie fast (though I will if I need to during the rest). No nausea but am light headed and have scattered thinking, again, those aren't out of the realm of normal for me. Usually, though, when I feel this light-headed, I eat something. It's not terrible. Not so bad that I'm going to stop the smoothie fast. If I felt truly struggling and unable to function, I would eat something that falls within the elimination diet guidelines.

I slept well last night-- had some gooooood dreams, actually-- but my headache was persistent throughout the night and in to today.

I have been talking to Iris about what I'm doing. She said she would like to go on a fast of only candy. Trying to explain how that wouldn't really work, but wouldn't it be lovely if it would?

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  1. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering about you. I've got to do this. I'm so tired of the persistent heartburn. Do you feel the book was essential or do you think there's basically enough information on the website?


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