Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day Two: Elimination Diet

I won't lie. Day two was MUCH harder than day one. I walked around imagining all of the lovely ways I could fling myself off the wagon. I counted down the hours until I could just go to bed and get the day over with. My husband worked from home and that helped A LOT. Having him here to take a bit of my stress was immensely helpful.

One thing that happened on the second day, however, was interesting. My headache pretty much left completely (as I write this at noon on day three I can attest the headache is STILL gone, which is crazy for me).

The other thing I did on day two was start straining the smoothies. I won't lie, there is a lot of pulp in green smoothies. I was a little over it by the end of day one. My sister taught me about paint straining bags and I used one she had given me to just pour the green smoothie through and then gently wring it out. Honestly, 2/3 of the way through the day, I didn't want to look at another green drink in a cup. I probably consumed about 1/2 of the green drinks on day two that I did on day 1. I totally forgot about drinking extra water, but seeing that my headache went away, I probably wasn't too dehydrated.

I tortured myself further by going to the grocery store for a few items for my ED and a few things for the small brunch we were hosting the next morning. When I got home I set to work making a ED-friendly lentil soup and some brown rice that I could use to break the green smoothie fast.

At night I tried to take a little bit of time for writing. I admit, I'm on a part of the novel that has been giving me trouble, but I couldn't concentrate at all. I tried to do a bit of editing but got scared I was making it worse and just left it alone. The extra-foggy brain was not fun for the past couple of days, I'll say that.

I had a question about if it was really necessary to get the book Whole Life Nutrition to do this particular elimination diet. NO! I recommend the book anyways, but it's not necessary for the ED. Everything they have in the book is on their site. I will also admit, there aren't that many ED-friendly friendly recipes in the book, either. Sure, you can definitely adapt a lot of them really easily, but the thing I was looking for was a list of recipes that you could follow on the ED. The book will be perfect for when I start adding some things back in and want to follow a more whole foods centered diet. So if you want to try the ED, just check out the site. If you have a few whole foods cookbooks you already really like, I think you'll be just fine.

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