Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Days 17-18-19 Elimination Diet

Oh my. Really falling behind now. Much apologies to the handful of you who are interested in reading this! Things have been a little crazy in my world. The one steady thing is that I'm forced to eat well every day. I don't really have a choice. There is pretty much no way I could eat poorly given the small amount of foods I can eat! So, at least I have that going for me.

However, even though I'm eating healthy foods, my meals have been extremely basic and more far between during the day time.

For the first time since being on the ED I dined over a friend's house on Sunday. She was also a nutrition major at Bastyr, so she completely understands this whole program I'm on. We made a chicken stir-fry for dinner and I drooled over the glass of wine she had.

Sadly, there were no pictures on Sunday. I was either too rushed or just plain forgot. Lunch was left-over sunflower seed burgers with avocado sauce and a side of rice noodles with pesto and sauteed zucchini. Both of those sauces I already had in the fridge so that made the meals super easy.

By the end of the night on Sunday I was dying to eat pineapple and decided to make that my next challenge and gobbled up a ton of it. I wasn't officially supposed to eat it until Monday, but oh well.

Monday I was feeling a little weird in the morning (definitely anxiety stuff) and didn't want to eat much so I made a smoothie of a quarter of a Costco pineapple (why do they have such giant pineapples? Anyone?), frozen blueberries, spinach and some apple cider. It was super yummy but I accidentally made a TON of it. While the girls were at school I spent the entire day out running around and my "lunch" was two bananas and some rice crackers.

I took the girls to McDonald's after school which is a very rare treat for them. I knew that I couldn't eat anything and I was so glad that I couldn't. I always finish up the girls food, in addition to eating whatever I order for myself. Of course, we really do rarely go, but I was glad to come home without feeling cruddy. I was so exhausted by the time I got home from by busy day I laid on the couch while the girls watched tv. Dinner was rice noodles, asparagus, left-over chicken and some avocado sauce. I ate WAY too much because I was starving and then felt awful afterwards. It was interesting, Iris complained of a stomach ache before bed time and I told her it might be because of the burgers she ate. That I always felt that way after eating at McD's. Maybe this will help both her and I remember we can choose a different, healthier, fun treat. And you know what they really like at McD's? The damn toys. We could go to Wheatgrass World if they just gave the girls a barbie toy with their shot.

This morning I had my usual breakfast, sunflower seed burgers and avocado sauce for lunch and rice, kale and chicken for dinner. Simple but yummy all around.

I've been feeling really stressed out this week. Money stuff. Auction stuff. Today I realized that I'm going to have to get really creative with Iris's birthday party (it's in just under eight weeks) because we have pretty much no money to spend on anything right now. So I haven't been feeling 100% but I don't think it's really food related.


  1. I just heard this morning that a city (I can't remember which) passed an ordinance that prohibits restaurants from giving out toys with meals. It was on this morning's Morning Edition so you can find out more information there. Also, you can buy the toys from McD's separate from the meals. Just in case, you know. :)

  2. I just typed out a ton of stuff and it all got lost. What I was TRYING to say, in a nutshell, is that you could find someone with a slip n slide and have all the kids bring swimsuits. Invite all your grown-up friends, too, so she'll have presents to open, but you guys won't have to buy any. I got all Vi's decorations this year at Dollar Tree, so I spent 11.00 on decorations, paper products and enough stuff to have 10 kids do 2 foam bookmarks each. Cake mix cupcakes and chips with dip paired with an off-time, (3-5) so no one expects a huge meal and you've got yourself a super cheap, but FUN party! I started doing stuff like this because I realized the only things I remembered about birthdays growing up was being doted on and blowing out candles. As long as we invite a ton of people, (usually end up with 15 in attendance between kids and adults) and make a big deal about opening gifts, (oohs and aahs) and eating cake they are pleased as punch!


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