Sunday, April 11, 2010

Days 3 and 4: Elimination Diet

I have never been so happy to taste lentils in my life. I broke the juice fast on Saturday morning by eating lentil soup. YUM. Okay, by the third bowl I was a little sick of it, but it was tasty none-the-less.

We hosted a brunch for my husband's sister and her husband. I sat at the table and had grapes. Not that much fun. Other food from Saturday included sunflower seed butter on rice cakes, applesauce, dairy and citrus-free pesto and cucumbers and good ol' brown rice. Saturday night included a date at the movies. No popcorn or soda for me.

The whole day I had NO headache or stomach issues, which is really amazing for me. My energy level was pretty regular, too, but it often is on the weekends.

Sunday morning I tried out a breakfast idea I read about online. Re-heat cooked brown rice with a dollop of nut butter (or sunflower seed butter, in my case) The recipe called for adding some fruit to the top. I didn't do the fruit and I added some coconut milk. Since we don't have a microwave I used the rice basket in the veggie steamer. It worked just fine but the breakfast was a snooze-fest. I had a coconut milk, frozen raspberry, apple, cranberry smoothie for breakfast, too. That was a bit more exciting.

The girls and I attended a birthday party today. Nothing there I could eat. No pizza, cake or ice cream. Not to say that I'm upset about the party, it's just annoying to sit there and not be able to eat what the other people are.

When I got home from the party I set to work making my first ever homemade vegetable stock. It seemed easy enough and I added 12 cups of water, so I assumed I would have a great amount of stock for 2-3 recipes. After starting that I made some steamed broccoli and cauliflower and topped it with my pesto from Saturday for a light lunch. Once the stock was done I decided to make risotto for dinner (the ED calls for only brown rice but I cheated. I mean, rice is rice, the white stuff just isn't as nutritious). I used ALL of the vegetable stock I made on it. Grrrr. The water really cooked down! It was a decent dish. Not that great, but edible. I think that is because the stock wasn't that yummy. I also made mashed sweet potatoes and some sauteed kale for dinner. I mostly just wanted to eat the tortellini my family was having.

The thing that is killing me is how much time it is taking to make all of this food. In an ideal world I would have all of the time in the world to cook like this but HOLY COW. I have been in the kitchen soooo much over the past couple of days. I enjoy cooking, but I don't like to do it to the exclusion of everything else.

I have no headaches or stomach issues today, either. Wheee!

My big complaint today goes out to Whole Foods. I have a bone to pick with them. After paying an arm and a leg for produce there I have had about $12 of apples all seemingly fine on the outside but with brown all around the core on every single one. My three batches of lacinato kale are really sad. I didn't look that close when I grabbed them, but they are holey and already yellowing on the tops. The kicker is my raw sunflower seeds. I bought a small bag to have for whatever I might want them for. I decided to toss a few in to my risotto and then threw a few in my mouth. As I chewed I thought "geez, these taste dirty, raw seeds are gross!" and then as I chewed some more I thought, "wait a second, there is no reason sunflower seeds would be dirty" and I realized then they were probably MOLDY. I spit them out and rinsed and rinsed my mouth a ton. And threw out the seeds. And threw out the food I was cooking and started over. So all told, that's at least $20 of bad food I had from WF. That's about 20% of how much I spent there, too.

I am looking forward to day 10 when I can add tamari back in. I need it. I am at a loss for how to jazz up my veggies. Any ideas? See this post for the list of what I can eat right now. Any other ideas for what I can do with coconut milk would be appreciated, as well. It's the only even remotely dairy-like thing I can have right now.


  1. Sybil...I would steam the veggies and saute some garlic in olive oil. Then drench the veggies in that. Can you use sea salt? I didn't see that on the list, but I just looked real fast for the garlic and oil. When you can add lemon, try olive oil and lemon, that is fabulous, (at least on broccoli and green beans!)

    I'm going to look at your list again and give you a recipe I made yesterday if it's doable for you...

  2. Are you allowed to use spices? I'm not sure if spices are a high allergen food or not. What about soy sauce? I'm guessing that might be eliminated because of soy?

    Anyway, my favorite spices on vegies are: garlic, basil, thyme, a touch of paprika and cayenne pepper to spice it up a little.

  3. Whole Foods has a great return policy so you can likely bring in your receipt and they'll give you a refund. Maybe even for things that you've already thrown away (TJs does that, for example).


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