Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Going broke

Today I went to Whole Foods, a store I rarely shop at, to stock up on organic veggies for the elimination diet. Specifically for the first part where I do the green smoothies. Holy buckets, batman, there is a reason people call that place "Whole Paycheck". I won't tell you what I spent, because my husband might be reading this (ha!) but it wasn't pretty. As much as I believe in organics, I find it extremely difficult to justify the cost on a regular basis.

My new blender should be here by the end of the day and the green smoothies will commence in the morning!


  1. Yes, organics ain't cheap! I gladly shop at Whole Foods because it's practically the only place that sells organics in quantity and variety, and generally, they're also cheaper than Safeway fresh organic produce. You can't find anything but the basics there, and they're often not very fresh.

    You might be surprised but I've priced Whole Foods vs. Safeway in two states and Whole Foods is cheaper on the vast majority of organic and natural foods.

    You can and should start your own garden!

  2. There is a list out there on the interwebs of the pesticide load of certain fruits and veggies, so you can make a more informed choice on what to skimp on and what should be more of a necessity.

    I'll usually buy conventional bananas, for example, but never berries.

    Also, there are things that are more important GMO wise to always get organic such as corn, sugar (from beets, you don't have to worry about cane sugar so much), or soy. BTW - even conventional at Whole Foods won't be GMO so sometimes you can get conventional produce there and know that you're not eating frankenfood.

  3. Here's a link where you can print your own pocket guide from the Environmental Working Group for the Dirty Dozen Frog's Mom mentioned.

  4. I haven't shopped at Whole Foods in awhile; I find the non-fresh stuff too tempting (and pricey). Do you find PCC's any cheaper for produce? At least your kids get a piece of free fruit to munch on... :)


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