Monday, May 03, 2010

Day 24: Elimination Diet

I just realized that I am supposedly four days away from the end of this 28-Day ED and there are still many things left to challenge. Clearly the authors of it, nor I, took the time to actually make sure that all added up to 28. Sheesh. (Cynthia darling, I hope you read this one!)

Today I would say I came much closer than I ever have to scrapping the whole thing. It would turn out that there is actually something going on with me. I still didn't feel good this morning despite sleeping 11 hours last night. I don't think a little tofu would really make me feel this crappy for this long.

All I ate today was a banana, a couple of bites of rice noodles and avocado and a bowl of homemade tomato soup. One thing I learned today is that feeling sick makes you want nothing more than to eat your tried and true comfort foods. Every one of which is on my no-no list right now. I was craving some creamy, yummy homemade mac-n-cheese. My sweet friend Jen sent me some vegan recipes for it but even then there were some nuts and nutritional yeast that I couldn't have yet in the ingredients list.

I decided I really wanted some tomato soup. I looked at the label of every soup at the store and none worked. They either had dairy, wheat or HFCS in them. So I came home and decided to use up the rest of my energy today to make a batch tomato soup from scratch. I have never made it before but hoped it wouldn't be too hard. Turns out it wasn't.

On a side note, I'm breaking from the diet a bit by having a new food the day after another food I just introduced. Yesterday I had soy, today nightshades. I'm going to go back to soy in a bit, but decided not too today since I'm still a teeny bit leery that my feeling yucky may maybe have something do with the soy (but probably not ((but I'm weird like that )) ).

I sauteed a whole onion and three cloves of garlic in olive oil and then added two diced medium carrots and sauteed a bit longer. Then I added three cans of diced stewed tomatoes (the smaller size, I think 14 oz) and one can of tomato paste. I added a bunch of herbs, lots of fresh basil, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, some salt and pepper. I cooked it a bit more and then put it through the Blendtec with some rice milk. It was actually pretty tasty! I'm thrilled I figured out an easy way to make such a yummy soup.

The only downside of eating tomato soup? Not having an ooey-gooey cheese sandwich to go with it.

On one more side-note, I've just started watching the True Blood series. Man alive do I love Alan Ball's work. Good stuff. Really good stuff.


  1. Yep I'm reading. I try to check in each evening/morning if I don't find an update in the evening before I go to bed.

    Yeah I know by my calculations I'll only challenge 14 foods before we leave June 21st and I started May 1st. So I'll be choosing what I challenge based on what will make eating on the road easier.

    I actually came on this evening to find out your sorbet recipe. The sweet tooth just started attacking me. This could get brutal when the hormones kick in. My hubby may move out for awhile or wish he could. ;o)

  2. I've been reading every day and waffling between wanting to try the elimination diet or not because it sounds very helpful but grueling.

    I've heard soy is a common food for food allergies so maybe it could make you feel yucky for 24 hours? Or maybe you're exhausted after your husband was out of town for a full week!

    I need to do something about my energy level too because I've been waking up in the mornings super tired even after 8 hours of sleep.

  3. if you are, indeed sensitive to soy, even just a little bit could make you feel like crud for a long period of time. Another thing to think about is that 98% of the soy in this country is owned by Monsanto and therefore genetically modified to resist roundup, meaning that roundup is heavily sprayed on the crops. It may not even be so much a soy sensitivity as a sensitivity to pesticides/herbicides. If you've been eating mostly organic/non-GMO to this point, you've been pesticide/herbicide free for 24 days and you'll certainly react strongly to it...even just a little bit. I'd cut out soy for a week and see if you start to feel better and then try just a little bit again.


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