Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Day 25: Elimination Diet

I made the decision to stop the (mostly) daily blogging about my ED once I hit the 28 day mark. It's a bit arbitrary as I won't be done yet, but I wanted to sort of move things along on this here blog. I will definitely check in once in a while about it, but I'll go back to blogging about my adorable children and my mundane life in the meantime.

So today, I still feel pretty shitty. I don't know what's going on. It feels a lot like how my body felt before I started the ED. Felt terrible when I woke up, drank some green juice and then went off to bring Iris to school. After a couple of hours of shopping for groceries I got home famished and made some lunch. Ate too much, felt like crap again, then didn't eat again until around dinner. I felt like I overate waaaaaay too much at dinner (though it wasn't that much food) and then felt really terrible afterwards.

I'm feeling extremely discouraged. Not sure where to go with all of this.


  1. Hi! Im sorry you are feeling not well. About a week ago i ate a mix of quinoa and amarinthe in a salad and immediatly afterwards i started to feel really awful. I felt so sleepy and depressed and wanted to eat sugar. I did not think to much about it as we had people coming over and i thought i was just stressed. However the feelings kept going so in the evening i checked the ingredients of the quinoa mix and there was 60% wheat in it! Well i know now for sure that gluten are no good for me. It took me about 48hrs to lose that feeling. So maybe even if you think you eat clean there is some ingredient that is hiding that is making you feel sick. I hope you will start feeling better soon!

  2. Oh and please know that i really appreciate all you have written about ED. It has helpt me a lot!


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