Friday, May 07, 2010

Day 27: Elimination Diet

Thursday was the first day I definitely back to normal, though I was, and am, being cautious. Trying harder to listen to my body and eat when hungry. This means, unfortunately, that I seem to be rarely hungry during the set dinner hour. It works this way for my kids, too. They are ravenous around 4-ish and then not hungry for dinner and then starving again around 7:00. Re-thinking the importance of everyone sitting down to a big meal together at night. Often times Matt isn't home at the time the girls and I sit down together, anyways, so we end up eating all staggered.

So yesterday, Thursday, I had a bowl of the cabbage salad for lunch that I made on Wednesday then ate a big bowl of noodles and spaghetti sauce at 2:30 and literally wasn't very hungry the rest of the day. I did have a smoothie when I made the girls their dinner, but that was fine. By the time I fell asleep while putting the girls to bed I felt fine, not hungry and not over-stuffed.

I've been thinking I would try to challenge soy again, but I'll wait until next week. Avoiding the "Sunday curse" as I've begun to think of it so as to not throw off my challenge results with anxiety.

The other frustrating piece of the ED is not really being able to go out to eat. Even if I could I HATE being the kind of diner that has to ask all of the specific ingredients in each thing. I feel like the server probably goes back to the kitchen and tells the chef to spit in my food after the headache I've caused. So Mother's Day is coming up. For the past two years we've gone to Agua Verde and this year, sadly, we can't. *sniff*

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