Sunday, May 09, 2010

Day 28: Elimination Diet

So this was supposed to be my last day of the diet. Clearly the math was off somewhere. I've had to make a few executive decisions on the whole thing, but I've found a good middle ground for finishing up.

I'm going to add everything back in that I am extremely sure is not causing my symptoms. Like kiwis. And sesame seeds. And strawberries. Stuff that I didn't eat in large amounts before the ED and so I'm feeling like those aren't my main concern. So in the past few days I've had sesame seeds, tree nuts, corn, alcohol (a little vodka and some champagne), oranges . . . there might be a couple more. I'm staying away from eggs, soy, dairy and wheat for now. And all meats except chicken. I am waffling about when to try coffee again. To be honest, I love coffee, but it was a huge money suck for me. And cost a lot of calories. I'm a Starbucks fan and like my froofy lattes, so I am teading lightly on this topic.

I had two main concerns when heading in to the ED. One was to see if I could pinpoint a food (or foods) that were making me feel so sick and the other one was to make a severely drastic change in my diet so as to snap me me back in to a healthier way of eating overall. I feel that I mostly accomplished my second goal. In fact, maybe even too well. The ED was so restrictive for me, at times, that I felt like I would do anything to fling myself right off of the wagon. I feel like if I can be at a spot where I can eat vastly better but not incredibly restrictive and I think I'm just starting to fall in to that spot.

Overall my level of health is greatly improved. I have had a headache I think twice in the past 28 days and on those days, like on this past Friday, I felt so busy and under-nourished that I was confident in blaming the headache on that. My digestive system is much, much improved. I do still get random nausea and pain, but knowing that my anxiety and emotions are tied right in to my core, I can't expect to be 100% symptom free for the rest of my life just by changing my diet.

Over the next little while I'll blog about challenging soy/dairy/wheat/eggs and let everyone know what happens. I'm also feeling quite comfortable about the idea of being vegan. I honestly am not really missing dairy. I miss bread. ALOT. But I don't miss dairy as much as I thought I would-- especially being born and raised in the dairy state! Mmmm. Cheese.

I'm writing this on Mother's Day and my sweet husband surprised me with a reservation at Plum Bistro on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The restaurant is vegan and organic. While I felt the service left a lot to be desired, the food was out of this world delicious. And not just "oh that's good for vegan food" but honest-to-goodness delicious. My husband loved it, as well, but not my kids. I think the issue with the girls wasn't that it was vegan, but just that the food was a bit too fancy for them. My husband reports that when he called them they were more than happy to accommodate any of my dietary restrictions, so that was nice. Of course when I talked over the menu with the server there were many thing vetoed for having soy in them. The meal I got I am pretty sure had soy whipped cream on it, however. I ate a bite of it though and don't feel bad. If you were to go there, still do the whole annoying thing where you make sure that no part of the dish or it's flourished include the ingredients you can't even. The menu was clearly labelled about which items were gluten-free and that was a nice touch!

Okay, long "last" post, but that's where I'm at. Any of you who are on the ED journey yourself, please feel free to still email me or post here with questions/comments/frustrations/excitement. I would love to hear about your experience! Or even if you're not doing it, feel free to chime in.

Next up on the blog? Some pictures of the brand-spankin' new cedar deck that I'm sitting on as I write this very blog post! Squeeeee!

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