Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not Fallen of the Face of the Earth

Sheesh. Give me freedom from blogging "every" day and I'll just drop like a fly. It isn't from lack of stuff going on in my life. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I am in full-fledged aution mode right now as the co-chair of the girls' school's auction. It's insane. Like, practically a full-time job insane. I do like it, but I am surprised how many hours I've had to put in to it. Lately my big job has been entering auction items in to an online catalog. This means I've been on the computer a ton, just not doing all of the fun stuff I like to do!

However, one of the things I'm still working really hard on is the way I eat. Still haven't changed what I am "allowed" to eat since my last post (avoiding wheat/dairy/eggs/soy/most meat if you haven't been following along at home) and it's been challenging. Eating this way still requires a tremendos amount of forethought and skill. Yesterday my friend took me out to eat. The restaurant sounded lovely enough. When I get there I realize, crap, there is no of really knowing what is in these dishes and even if my server spoke more than basic, broken english I'm not sure that it would help me navigate this, anyways. I ordered something that in hindsight probably had wheat, dairy, soy, egg and meat in it. I felt fine right after eating but this morning I felt like a truck hit me. Or, more specifically, exactly how I used to feel upon waking every single day for the last few months.

I started panicking, and still am panicking, about how difficult it is to ever eat food prepared by anyone else. I already wrote about my trouble on Mother's Day with the server who brough me food with soy in it after discussing that I couldn't eat it. Today I tried to explain to a barista that I couldn't have soy or dairy and was wondering what, if any, drinks on the menu I could have. She had no idea what I was talking about. I orderd an Americano.

As time goes on I feel more and more commited to eating vegan, but without eating soy right now I feel like I need something to replace that hole it's left. I use chicken. Tonight I made a decent dinner of vegan mashed potatoes and vegan/GF gravy-- but I roasted chicken breasts.

I started to peruse the interwebs for suggestions on this tricky situation I found a couple of books that seemed interesting:

the images are click-able

On a side note, the Flying Apron is right here in Seattle! I need to go check it out.

After yesterday's little debaucle I am going to wait a bit, but will start testing soy and wheat soon. I say I avoid wheat, and really that is what it is. I eat so little processed food right now that I don't really have to worry about other hidden sources of gluten.

One last thing I wanted to share is a great blog that launched recently. It's called Plate and Simple and has some great info on living the health conscious vegan lifestyle. My favorite part of the site is the author's Foodlosophy, which is the author's advice on eating. I pretty much find her advice to be spot-on and it nicely sums up my years of earning my fancy nutrition degree. Who knew I could have saved those thousands (and thousands) ((and thousands)) of dollars and just read this here blog?! The only thing I would change, that my dear friends had issue with as well, was the author's take on snacking. I'm all about more smaller meals a day (as opposed to three rigid larger meals) to keep blood-sugar stabalized.

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  1. Well THERE you are! I've been to Flying Apron. I used one of my Chinook book coupons. I didn't like ANY of the cookies (all very dry) but the muffins were FANTASTIC!

    I have the flying apron cookbook. I bought it at Costco awhile back. I haven't tried any of the recipes yet. I'm going to make some of the muffins for our trip. Not sure I'll try any of the cookies though after my experience with the ones from the bakery.


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