Saturday, May 22, 2010

Speed of Light

I can't believe how fast this month is flying by. I've been incredibly busy. Waiting for after Iris's birthday in June for things to slow down a little bit.

So where have I been?

Working on our school auction. It is literally taking me 20 or so hours per week at this point to co-chair the auction. It's insane. I am glad to help, and theoretically have the time, but I didn't know what I was signing up for. My kids are both in school together two days a week but I didn't really envision spending all of that time for many weeks focusing on school. The auction is three weeks away though, so, YAY! I wish I could show off my work on the auction, but then that sort of messes with that tricky thing of showing you all where my kids go to school. Ha.

Our new deck was finished last week. I keep meaning to post pictures of it, along with the "before" pictures, but right now that is sort of on the bottom of my to-do list. Right next to fold the laundry.

Today my friend and her family are coming over and we're building garden beds. I am so excited! We've been discussing our tiny little "community" garden for over two months now and it is making real progress!

Last Friday it we enjoyed the very low tides down at Lincoln Park on the Puget Sound. The girls found crabs, shells and starfish. It went much better than the very first time I took them to Lincoln Park at low tide and listened to them shriek like banshees because they were absolutely terrified of the crabs. Which were about as big as a half-dollar coin. And they were wearing giant rainboots.

I'm typing this from my brand new mini laptop, a gift from my sweet husband. It's times like these that I feel extra glad my husband's giant fingers don't work on a tiny little keyboard or else he might have kept it for himself. He also brought me a new phone, as the one I had (and loved!) was on it's last legs. Between figuring out the laptop and the new phone I kinda want to throw both of them out the window. I hate learning curves. Why can't they both just do what I want right out of the box?

Still working hard on eating and all of the things I've eliminated. I made a really tasty gluten-free/soy-free/dairy-free "mac-n-cheese" the other night. I didn't serve it to the girls, didn't even bother, but Matt liked it! It was a total success. I want to try more fun recipes like that. It's really frustrating to buy a vegan book and have it full of soy. Sigh. I do still need to challenge soy products. I am hopeful that I can add back in things like miso and tofu and leave out heavily processed soy like veggie dogs. We'll see.

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