Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I did it!

Tonight, the last day of June, I made my exercise goal. And for the most part, my food goal.

This was an exceedingly difficult month to give myself a goal like this-- but I did it! The first half of the month was full of my crazy busy-ness. The second half? My husband's. None of this kept me from my exercise goal, but it definitely made my food goals harder. Being away from home for many meals on top of several parties was, well, often too much temptation for me. And when we were in dire need of groceries and all I had to eat for lunch was a couple of cheese quesadillas, well, I shoveled them right in and considered the salsa my vegetable.

Which leads me to my next thought. Today the girls and I spent the evening in a hotel room-- my husband's hotel room, to be exact. He was stuck downtown all week for a conference for work. Yesterday the girls and I rounded up some food in the food court of a mall. Today I got a wee bit smarter and brought some food from home, but when there is no where to cook, it's tricky to figure out the right things to eat. We are often on a tight budget, which I presume makes it even trickier. Of course, this is assuming that more money affords you to purchase easier, healthier, ready-to-eat food. Is this true? I suppose I hope not.

So anyways. Tonight I settled on cheese and (wheat-free) crackers, yogurt, strawberries, chips and salsa. As you can see, not too many veggies in that line up. And lots of fat.

I'm going to work harder at brain-storming some ideas for healthy eating out of the house.

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  1. Actually, I think your meal was pretty healthy. Don't get hung up on how much fat there is in your foods because, against expectations, it isn't the fat that makes a person fat, it's the sugar and pesticides/industrial chemicals we find in our foods. Excellent goal, and great work for actually doing it. :-) That puts you several steps ahead of everybody else.

    Dang, I can't comment with my name and URL. hmmm. I don't have a blogger blog.


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