Sunday, June 20, 2010

Muddling through

This weekend marks what I believe to be the end of the insanely crazy schedule our family has been keeping. It's difficult when even things like birthday parties and other joyful moments get lumped in to the category of "let's just get through this and then life will calm down".

Iris's birthday and birthday party went mostly fine. I was extremely upset about a few major snafus, but, in the words of my wisdom-filled six year old, everything can't always turn out the way we picture it in our minds. Truer words have never been spoken. I've since calmed down and have now re-considered the party a success. In the end, I think my own delicate feelings were hurt more than anyone elses. Here's a couple of sweet pictures of the party:

But we've survived. We've mostly had fun. Now, we sit back and wait for the sun to shine on Seattle and really get our summer started. It's probably wrong of me, but I've been wishing for summer to follow the same path as our winter and spring, which is to say, extremely mild. I feel like over the past six months our days have only wavered in temperature about 30 degrees.

The one thing I've been doing a reasonably decent job keeping up with is my exercising goal. I've missed a few times here and there and thought I was out of reach of my goal. However, today I calculated it and if I did 35 minutes of exercise a day for the next ten days I would get there. Or seven days of my usual 45 minutes of exercise with a few more minutes thrown in there somewhere. Not too bad at all! It's very interesting to see that even in the midst of craziness, I can fit in the exercise.

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