Thursday, June 03, 2010


So, yeah. This exercise thing. I did the most cliche thing in the book which is start out fast and furious and hurt myself. I'm not really hurt hurt, but still. Ouch!

On Monday night I did the little routine for working on my abs that I did every day for about five months straight two years ago. Turns out that if you don't work your abs at all (except for stretching them out from all the junk food) then doing the same ol' routine is going to murder your abs. I went on a looooong walk pushing Eloise in the stroller on Tuesday and when I laid down to do the ab work again that night I couldn't even do one measly crunch.

In fact, the abs still hurt tonight. If I'm laying down and want to sit up, I can't pull myself up with my abs at all. Dammit!

No exercise on day three partly because of that and partly because the time completely got away from me and I am eyeballs deep in working on things for my daughters' school auction. I did realize, of course, that this auction was coming up, but I still pressed myself to set a lofty goal. It seems like every single day, week or month I have a solid excuse for not exercising. Now, though, I need to do it. I'll give myself a day here and there to not do anything, but the vast majority of days I can fit in a little something at the very least.

So let this be a lesson to you! Start out slow or you'll be side-lined lickety split!

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  1. Heh heh. "if you don't work your abs at all (except for stretching them out from all the junk food)" [raises hand sheepishly]

    Warning noted. I will start slow. If I start, and all that.


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